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We have been around since 1970, and even before our time, in 1930, the US implemented the first tax laws to boost revenues. Our economy was dependent on the making and sales of physical goods. At first, only TTP or Tangible personal property was taxed, and later they started taxing services.

The United States went from a more manufacture based economy to a service based economy. There are many states that began to impose taxes on services as will. Many businesses were unaware of this change, so they did not know they even had to pay a sales tax.

What you need to know is every state is different.

As of this writing, there are 5 states that do not impose any sales tax, no matter if there are good or services.

(New Hampshire, Oregon, Montana, Alaska, and Delaware)

There are 4 states that tax services by default.

(Hawaii, South Dakota, New Mexico, and West Virginia)

With some exempted services.

There are 41 states and the District of Columbia where services are not taxed by default, however there are some services enumerated by the state that may be taxed.

All this makes it difficult to understand sales tax.

In Florida, there are taxable services and exempt services.

When it comes to protection services, there are exempt and taxable services.

Taxable services could include things like detective agency services, bodyguard services or fingerprinting services. There are also services that are exempt which can include things like investigative services or sales of services to nonprofit organizations.

There are exempt and taxable cleaning services.

Some examples of exempt cleaning services may include pressure cleaning the outside of a building or carpet cleaning.

Examples of taxable cleaning services could be floor waxing, maid services, office cleaning, window cleaning and more.

There are state and local tax authorities. They are always looking to maximize tax collections.

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