Payroll Services in Palm Beach Florida

The laws are constantly changing, especially when it comes to tax regulations. The constant change of tax regulations can make it difficult to keep up. Palm Beach Tax Group has been helping with payroll since 1970, we have the knowledge and experience to help your business with all its payroll needs.

Changes in Laws and Regulations

If there are any changes in the laws and regulations with payroll, we will notify you of these changes. The reason why we let our businesses know of any changes in laws or regulations with payroll is because sometimes you may have to make changes of how your payroll is ran.

We make sure we are actively aware of all rules and regulations that change when it comes to payroll, we will let you know of any changes that take place and if there is something you may have to do differently to ensure your payroll runs effectively no matter how many people you have.

Talk to a Human, Not a Recording

You can be sure you will not get an operator or recording when you give us a call. We take pride in the personal touch we offer our clients. You are not just a number with us. We have many clients that used to use big payroll companies and have been through many headaches. One of the biggest headaches was trying to get someone on the phone or never speaking to the same person twice, having to explain your situation over and over again.

We understand all the headaches that came with big payroll companies, that is why here at Palm Beach Tax Group you can relax knowing all your payroll needs are being take care of.

Stop Worrying About Payroll

You have your business to run, the last thing you want to be doing is worrying about payroll. No matter how many times you have done it, no matter how long you have been in business, it can be a pain. SCORE has mentioned that owner and employees spend about 1-5 hours on payroll a month. How much time do you spend on payroll? How much is your time worth? How about the errors of payroll? Did you know also according to SCORE, 40% of small businesses make a payroll mistake every year, which results in the average of fines of $850?

Contact Palm Beach Tax Group

When you take all these things into account, it makes sense to have someone handle your payroll. We are here as a part of your team to help you with payroll and many other business services so you are able to focus on your business. Contact us to discuss our payroll and other business services.