4 Principles of Retirement Planning

4 Principles of Retirement Planning

Comprehensive Tax and retirement planning should be combined to provide a sound retirement. A complete tax and retirement plan is required to nurture wealth building in one’s own estate while minimizing the overall tax burden for all beneficiaries. Thus, Tax and Retirement Planning contributes to all of the following: 

1. The Creation of Wealth

2. The Preservation of Wealth

3. The Conservation of the Estate upon death, or even beyond death

The goals of the Tax and Retirement Planning are encompassed by FOUR PRINCIPLES: 

1. MEET YOUR OWN NEEDS FIRST: Sometimes we get so focused on leaving wealth behind to our loved ones, we forget about our own needs. Our commitment is to ensure your needs are taken care of first. Creating an income stream you can’t outlive is key to enjoying the lifestyle you want in retirement.  

2. JUDGEMENT PROOF YOUR ESTATE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE: There are ways to accomplish this by using financial products that have Federal and State Creditor Protection. This creditor protection is usually not accounted for by bankers, brokers or insurance agents, however, your retirement and estate plan could be at risk. We will review your options when it comes to judgment proofing your retirement estate.  Having a Will and Trust as part of your Estate will create additional protection.

3. PROTECT YOUR ESTATE FROM TAXES AND OTHER EXPENSES: Income taxes, capital gains tax, estate taxes, and unnecessary penalties to you and your heirs can weaken an otherwise good plan. We will work together so that you are doing the most you can to protect yourself and your heirs from the erosion of taxes, fees and penalties.  Our goal is to create a combination of tax-free and tax efficient strategies to minimize your taxes and other expenses.

4. ORGANIZE AND DISTRIBUTE YOUR ASSETS IN AN ORDERLY FASHION: It doesn’t make sense to accumulate your assets for a lifetime and when you pass away leave a hardship for your heirs to sort through. We will discuss options available to you to SIMPLIFY the distribution of your estate according to your wishes.

You can have this planning done with the help of professionals. 

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